Western Medicine believes dry, itchy skin is due to allergic, psychological, or hereditary reasons. Dermatologists will likely examine the skin with a magnifying glass and take specimens of the skin for microscopic study. Blood tests and a biopsy of superficial lymph nodes may be performed to help them rule out other diseases which could be affecting the skin.

Western Medicine treats dry, itchy skin by advising patients to avoid substances which may be triggering the problem. To keep the skin from losing moisture, they recommend applying lotions or oils to the affected skin areas, and taking iron supplements for nutritional measures. If the skin becomes infected, antibiotics are commonly prescribed. Other drugs to control the symptoms of itching and pain include steroids and antihistamines. If conditions worsen, hospitalization may be necessary so they can rule out any strong irritant and to provide intensive care for the symptoms.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the skin is controlled by the lungs. The lungs and skin pores should breathe together when inhaling. Having good moisture in the skin directly relates to the quality of the moisture in the lungs. When the steam from the large intestine evaporates, the vapor goes to the lungs and the lungs then transfers it to the skin. This is why the skin is normally soft. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that if the temperature of the small intestine is too low or if there is too much mucus in the lungs, the water vapor in the lungs cannot spread to the skin, resulting in dry, itchy skin. Using steroids creates numerous side effects, one of them being that the pores of the skin will close. If the pores canˇ¦t get water, theyˇ¦ll get drier.

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses herbs to treat dry and itchy skin by increasing the temperature in the small intestine and by cleaning out residue or mucus in the lungs. By keeping this water channel open, we can eliminate present and future skin problems. It is also helpful to engage in exercise to help the body perspire. Avoid entering an air conditioned room immediately after exercising because it will close the skin pores and trap the sweat inside. Let the body cool down naturally.