Western Medicine believes that baldness (alopecia) is mainly due to hereditary factors. Excessive hair loss may result from radiation treatments or from prescription drugs. Some Western Medicine physicians believe that hair loss may be associated with other health problems such as fungal infections, an underlying tumor, or lupus. Hair thinning is believed by Western Medicine to be associated with hormonal changes in the body or a deficiency of the thyroid hormone.

Western medicine may offer medications injected into the scalp to try and slow the process. Other recommendations may be to try hair transplants, hair pieces, or a wig.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the quality of head hair relates to the function of the kidneys. According to Chinese Medicine, the sweet tasting nutrients go into the spleen and pancreas. The kidneys control the hair growth and the entire bodyˇ¦s skeletal system. If you eat excessive amounts of sweet foods, the bodyˇ¦s salt water balance will be disrupted which creates a burden to the kidneys. Pharmaceutical chemical drugs will create a burden to the kidneys and liver. Over use of such drugs will cause hair loss.

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses herbs to strengthen the kidneys. Herbs are used to strengthen the kidney, which will follow the bone marrow up to the brain. When it gets to the brain, it will nourish the hair. Foods and drinks with refined sugars in them must be avoided.