Western Medicine believes that the cause of breast cancer begins with hormonal influences. They believe there are risks that may contribute to breast cancer, such as having the first child after age 30, and having close relatives with a history of breast cancer. Unfortunately, Western Medicine does not know the exact cause of breast cancer. Western Medicine advises all women aged 40 and above to have a yearly mammogram, and all younger women who are considered .at risk・. After waiting for symptoms of a breast lump, discharge or bleeding from the nipple, a change in the breast shape, or a change in the skin of the breast, a biopsy will be needed to give a definitive diagnosis.

Treatment for breast cancer with Western Medicine involves surgically removing the lump or cancer. In many cases, they may need to completely remove one or both breasts. Other treatment options include anticancer drugs, chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. Most Western Medical practitioners now realize that giving hormone replacement therapy actually causes an increase in the incidence of breast cancer.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the nutrients in breast milk are the direct source of the .period・. Having a normal monthly .period・ is crucial for the milk nutrients to be eliminated from the body. Women who are no longer menstruating must have a good daily bowel movement so the milk nutrients can be eliminated. The heart keeps the breast milk in constant circulation while in the breasts. The heart is also responsible for sending the milk nutrients down to the ovary and uterus to be eliminated by the .period・. Keeping good circulation in the breasts will prevent breast milk nutrients from depositing so no lumps or cancer can form.

Treating breast lumps or cancer with Traditional Chinese Medicine will focus on strengthening the Heart and Small Intestine function to help eliminate the old breast milk with Herbal medicines. Traditional Chinese Medicine is opposed to surgery, biopsies and mammograms because they are contributing factors of breast cancer.