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     As mentioned earlier, our bodies are programmed at conception to be self-repairing as well as to carry the ability to reproduce. If a woman's body is in balance, pregnancy should occur without difficulty. However, most American women are no longer in balance. The inability to become pregnant or to sustain a pregnancy is seen more and more often in the Industrialized Nations, America included. There can be numerous causes of infertility, the most common are:

                                                              DEFICENCY OF JING ESSENCE

     Jing Essence is a particular type of Qi with which we are born. We receive Jing Essence from our mother and father. The amount individuals have is directly related to what they were given. This means if our mother or father depleted their Jing essence, they would have less to give their children. Jing Essence can be depleted through excessive sexual activity, poor diet, stressful conditions, aging. Jing Essence is necessary for proper development and reproduction. Daughters of older parents might inherit less Jing Essence thereby decreasing their fertility. Jing Essence is inherited but it is stored in the Kidney. If a woman's kidney is deficient, Jing Essence can not be stored properly and infertility can result. Anything that depletes Jing Essence or does not allow proper handling of the Jing Essence will decrease a woman's chance of becoming pregnant. If a woman has sufficient Jing Essence but her Kidney is weak, a woman’s chance of becoming pregnant will also be decreased. Therefore abnormal Kidney function can also result in infertility.

A true congenital deficiency of Jing Essence will be seen in delayed development, physical and mental. Sometimes girls, who are late starting their periods, may be suffering from Jing Essence deficiency. Kidney Deficiency usually has symptoms of lower backache, tiredness, urinary problems, mental confusion, and memory impairment. Stress, improper exercise and excessive sexual activity can damage the Kidney. Excessive consumption of sweets can also cause problems with the Kidney function. If the Kidney is not able to work properly, it is not able to store and transport Jing Essence, resulting in reproductive difficulties. If a man, proper sperm development can be affected if Jing Essence is deficient; if a woman, the egg will not mature. Without a mature egg and/or properly developed sperm, fertilization and conception cannot occur.

                                                                     COLD IN THE UTERUS

         The Uterus has to provide a hospitable environment for the developing embryo. There has to be sufficient warmth and nutrition available for proper growth and development. If conception has occurred, the embryo has less than a week to implant into the uterus. Implantation into the uterus provides a direct link to blood vessels, which supply vital nutrients to the developing embryo. This link has to be maintained until the placenta is formed at about 3 months into the pregnancy. The Uterus has to be able to support the development of the fetus directly in the beginning and then by supporting the placenta for the rest of the entire pregnancy. Any weakness in the Uterus will result in miscarriage (spontaneous abortion) of the fetus. But first the Uterus has to be able to allow for implantation to occur. A very common cause of Infertility of modern women is invasion of Cold into the Uterus. Modern American women have a fondness for cold drinks and cold foods. We are a Nation of people who put ice into every thing we drink. Even if we live in warm climates, we can still be exposed to Cold pathogens, even in summer! This happens quite frequently because Americans don't like to sweat or to be hot. If we are outside in the summer months and work up a sweat what do we do? Jump into a swimming pool, go into air-conditioned cars or houses, drink cold drinks immediately subject our bodies to extremes of temperature. If we are sweating, our pores are open and our body is cooling down naturally. If we enter into the Cold or drink Cold drinks, our pores will slam shut trapping moisture under the skin. ( This leads to other problems discussed elsewhere). However, if a woman is menstruating, a channel has been opened directly into her womb. Cold has an easier time entering the body and going deep inside. Cold that invades the womb, will prevent an embryo from implanting or remaining the time needed to fully develop. Even though fertilization may occur, a pregnancy won't come to term. A woman usually can tell when she has Cold in the Uterus because heat feels very good when pressed against her abdomen. This can be heating pads or hot baths. She might also have a craving for hot drinks.

                                                                              BLOOD STAGNATION

         As mentioned above, blood has to move freely within the Uterus in order for nourishment of the embryo to occur. Anything that stops or slows the Blood will result in Blood Stagnation. Blood stagnation can produce masses in the abdomen. These masses can be very painful to the touch. Pressure on the abdomen makes the pain worse. Masses can interfere with implantation of the embryo, by physically blocking the area where implantation can occur. If the blood isn't moving, proper nourishment won't be available even if implantation occurs. Blood stagnates from a number of causes. Proper circulation of blood according to Chinese Medical Theory depends upon the presence of Qi. The Qi has to circulate throughout the meridians, collaterals, muscles and vessels of the body in order for Blood to follow. The Liver controls Qi circulation.


                                                    HOW TO GET BACK INTO BALANCE AND STAY THERE

       After an examination by a Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner, the cause of the infertility will be determined. Treatment will be tailored to the individual woman.

02/07/01    Suzan Hathaway